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Liz Davis

Finance Director

Liz Davis now has 20+ years working in the telecom industry. When she came to Broadus Services in August 2013, her primary experience was as a site acquisition specialist supporting AT&T with incoming collocations. Liz started as a site acquisition specialist with Broadus, and then in January 2014, she started supporting the company in the accounting department. Eventually this developed into her finance and administrative management role. Liz loves working behind the scenes supporting both internal and external customers with all things accounting.

Liz lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She takes in nature at every opportunity, going on nature hikes and taking her dog, Gibbs, out for his daily walks. Liz and Gibbs reside with two cats, Georgie, and Garbanzo.

Fun Fact about Liz: She has numerous stories about animals just showing up at her doorstep. She calls this the Noah’s Ark Theory.

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